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    My Mami and Vanity

    By Priscila Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez 

    My mami has always looked down on “vain” women. Women who wear makeup, women who wear tight clothes, women who do their hair, women who are hyper feminine. My parent’s friends at church called me vanidosa and too self-centered and said that wanting to be those things, wanting to look like I wanted to look, was something that sins were made of.  

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    Writing While Black in the Trump Era

    By Joel Daniels

    I bit the shit out of my lips the night Trump was elected. I used Google’s homepage and Deray McKesson’s Twitter feed as my nightly round-up, peering sadly at the gobbling up of red and blue votes; listening via mobile to the back-and-forth analysis of swing states, senate votes, and the like.

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    Revolution Music

    By Karas Lamb

    Is Prince dead?”  The question flooded in on the morning of April 21st, 2016.  A rush to communal panic that fed my gut the truth faster than any search engine could ever deliver a credible source.  

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